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Paw Stick - Lint Remover

Paw Stick - Lint Remover

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After washing your clothes, do you discover animal hair all over them?

Paw-Stick is highly effective against any residue such as animal hair, dust, or any residue. Its flexibility makes it the perfect solution to collect pet hair or the piece of paper in your laundry, saving you valuable money and time for a cheap price!

Effortless maintenance

Cleaning with the Paw Stick is effortless, and maintenance is just as easy. With a simple rinse under water, your Paw Stick can be easily cleaned and is ready to use again. The Paw Stick is also an eco-friendly cleaning solution that reduces the need for wasteful disposable lint rollers and cleaning wipes. 

Catch any unwanted residue

Paw Stick is very flexible and sticky enough to catch hair, dust, and the paper you left in your pocket. Paw Stick's high adhesive properties enable it to pick up even the tiniest of particles, from pet hair and dust to crumbs and debris.

Save money, water, time, and your nerves!

No need for a second wash - with Paw Stick you will finally release all your frustrations with all the leftover residue in your washing machine or any pet fur stuck to your clothes and save your money and water!

What are you waiting for?

if you're looking for an easy-to-use, effective, and eco-friendly solution to your pet hair and dust problem, look no further than the Paw Stick. Its effortless cleanability and reliability will make cleaning a stress-free and enjoyable task. 

Take action today and get yourself a Paw Stick today, so you can enjoy a pet hair-free environment and a stress-free cleaning routine.


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